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After 153 years, Bradford National Bank is one of the oldest locally-owned financial institutions in the area and the 10th oldest bank in Illinois. With over 60 employees, we provide friendly, personal service. Call or stop by for information on your banking needs! Learn more about us!

BNB Philosophy

Bradford National Bank offers a variety of checking account options, based on your individual needs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bradford National Bank is to exceed the expectations of our customers by combining high quality personalized service with modern and competitive financial products.

Corporate Value Statements

We believe the following statements express the focus of our business.


We will strive to promote economic growth and development in a socially responsible manner in the communities we serve by continuing to operate as an independent Real Community Bank.


We will strive for excellence in the delivery of customer services and in the development of new products. We commit to make the customer’s interest our interest.


We will strive to attract, develop and retain employees of the highest character and competence, and we will provide them with compensation and incentives that will reward them for their performance, loyalty, team effort and commitment.

Bradford National Bank History

Our History

Bradford National Bank was founded in 1867 by James Bradford and his son, Samuel. While there are no official records attesting to the fact, it is believed that the bank was started with $10,000 in capital.

The strong foundation the Bradfords provided enabled the bank to withstand numerous threatening times, surviving when many other banks were forced to close their doors.

In September 1998, Bradford National Bank opened its first Branch outside of Bond County. The Marine Banking Center was opened at 155 N. Duncan in Marine. On May 15, 2002, Bradford National Bank broke ground on its new Highland facility. It officially opened its doors October 28, 2002.

Today, Bradford National Bank continues to grow in the tradition started 152 years ago and now has assets over $275 million with four full service locations.

We are a very safe and secure community bank.

With the future and service to our clients in mind, Bradford National Bank has added many new financial products and services. These products and services allow us to provide better service, while maintaining the safety and security for which we are noted for.

After 152 years, Bradford National Bank is one of the oldest locally-owned financial institutions in the area. With over 60 employees, we provide friendly, personal service. Call or stop by for information on your banking needs!


Bradford National Bank Quick History Facts

  • Established in 1867, Bradford National Bank is the oldest bank in Bond County and the 10th oldest in Illinois.
  • James Bradford, our founder, was Greenville’s first mayor and served in the Illinois Legislature.
  • When Bradford became a national bank on May 2, 1910, it had assets of $2,224.50. This included a safe, an adding machine, a clock, a shotgun, and a pistol!
  • When Bradford expanded in 1911, the new facility cost $12,570 to build and included extra space for a barber shop and a bathtub.
  • In 1957, Bradford’s total assets topped $1 million.
  • Bradford National Bank provided the community’s first drive-thru lane. It opened in 1967 at our main bank and the first customer was George Trost.
  • Bradford was the first bank in Bond County to have a night depository. Today we have two in Greenville.
  • Bradford was the first bank to have two locations – 100 E. College and 100 Idler Lane. John Kelsey was the first customer at our branch facility.
  • Bradford provided the first Automatic Teller Machine in the community – we now have six.
  • The main bank sits on the original homestead of Samuel Bradford, son of the bank’s founder.
  • In September 1998, Bradford National Bank opened its first branch outside of Bond County with the opening of the Marine Banking Center.
  • On May 24, 2000, the Bradford Community Building was officially opened.
  • In 2001, the lobby of the main bank was renovated.
  • In August 2001, BNB introduced its Debit Card product followed by Internet Banking in December.
  • On February 14, 2002, Bradford National Bank announced its intention to build a bank in Highland. Ground was broken on May 15, 2002.
  • After operating out of a temporary facility for several months, Bradford National Bank officially opens in its new location on October 28, 2002. Our first drive-up customer was Kevin White of Sorento and the first lobby customer was Sam Roniger of Highland.
  • In January 2004, Bradford National Bank announced plans to acquire the First Bank Marine, Illinois branch.
  • In May 2004, Bradford National Bank relocates its Marine facility to 102 N. Duncan.
  • Summer 2004: Bradford National Bank replaces all of its ATMs with new machines and completely renovates the main bank parking lot.
  • In September 2004, the Community Relations and Travel Club departments moved into the Community Building located just west of the main bank.
  • In 2012, Bradford National Bank celebrated its 145th anniversary as a bank and its ten year anniversary in Highland.
  • In 2017, the bank celebrated its 150th anniversary with activities throughout the year, culminating in a huge celebration in September.
  • In 2018, the bank celebrated its 20th anniversary in Marine.
  • Today, Bradford National Bank has assets over $400 million.


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